My IBS story – Ive learnt to swim in a different pond and I think Im better for it.

I have suffered from IBS since I can remember. I was diagnosed in my late 20s but I remember being in considerable pain in my teens. My symptoms worsened when I tried to start bulking up in my early 20s and then a few years later it all hit the fan.

My symptoms got a lot worse before they got better. At several points in my life I was seriously concerned over my physical and mental health and where I would end up. Would I even make it past 30? 

I looked at many alternative therapies (most are crap and didn’t really give any long lasting change). However the main things which made an impact on my health and body were (to some degree) nutrition, exercise, breathwork, The Work of Byron Katie and Body Electronics. 

My digestive health slowly improved by about 80-90% over a 10-15 year period. I have done this naturally. Im drug free. Im still slim and at 6’2″ I wish I were more muscular but i am healthy. 

I chose health over listening to body builders and every Joe Blog giving me advice as they did not have the health issues I did. My survival was more important than looking good. 

Im not in pain nor do I have the symptoms I used to have at 40 years of age now. I still have an occasional flareup but for the most part I feel relatively good. Im not saying I’m completely free- but for the most part – I forget the struggle I had. This blog is the reminder to stay humble and help others.

I wanted to share my story and methods. Some may be controversial or a bit “out there” but I have tried many things over 20 years and I think I have come across some excellent methods.

Ive learnt to swim in a different pond and I think Im better for it.


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