Vibrational medicine and healing. Is it a load of crock?

These are my direct experiences.

Psychic Healing

In my early 20s I went to a renowned psychic healer. She was a pleasant lady. I had personal one on healing with her. During the session I remember my body temperature soared in some  kind of exothermic reaction.I was so hot for a few minutes it was amazing.  I had a few more sessions with her over the next few days and a few more in the next few years. I never noticed anything else. She was a pleasant lady. She also tried healing my mother of her cancer.

No change in my IBS after these sessions. No change to my mother’s health.

Ki Force/ Reiki

I started off learning Ki Force healing which I found out is very similar to Reiki. Over ten years I would have to have had at least near 50 sessions wither with peers, on myself and a few times with a practitioner.

Often after a session I would feel relaxed. I specifically remember once I was having sever abdominal pain due to IBS – I did relax and the pain went away that day.

Overall after many years these sessions did not improve my IBS  or my spinal issues.

Vibrational Remedies / Dowsing

My sibling raved on about a man who was part of healing network in Western Australia. After a few months I contacted him. He seemed pleasant. I asked him If I could get in contact with those who healed their spines. He said he couldn’t do that due to confidentiality.

He took a sample of my hair to find out causes of illness which in their opinion was usually pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc and then uses a pendulum to dowse what remedy will work on your issues (they have infused their products with a vibration which destroys these pathogens etc ). He also had remedies for financial improvement, finding a love interest etc. Each remedy was dowsed for its effectiveness based on my hair samples and “vibration”, underlying issues etc.

My brother was adamant these worked.

I had to take preliminary remedies for several months before going onto the other remedies to work on issues like my spinal issues and improving my abundance, which were the main issues. I had several other issues as well.

I did the preliminary remedies for several months. To take the remedy I took 15 drops 3 times a day. Some were dowsed that I need to take for a few months or bottles. And others were up to 12 months or even more.

I took my remedies until I finished each bottle.  I took them to work etc. Followed the instructions correctly. I even bought some for my cat who was ill. I finished all of these about 18 months.

At the end of these 18 months I had moved interstate and was possibly at the lowest and darkest period of my life (as mentioned in a previous post).  I had several phone conversations with the guy who was selling my these remedies. He knew I was having a very rough time financially and I was in a crisis emotionally. I told him his remedies were not working. He didn’t like that comment. He told me to “stop begin a victim”.   I finished every remedy. But he didn’t like me telling him the truth.

Overall after 18 months or more and spending at least $100-$130 a month I had absolutely no changes to my spine or financial situation or colon health. If anything I was in a worse financial situation. I even have x-rays which show my spine in one area worsening over the years. Also, my cats health did not improve.

None of the issues I worked on resolved or improved due to these remedies. The gentlemen involved didn’t even bother to discuss that fact with me when I told him this. None of them worked or were successful even slightly. He has never contacted me, despite knowing the terrible time I was having in life, not even an email or a text to see if I was ok. I never heard from him again. 

As you can probably guess I don’t have much faith in vibrational medicine.


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