Ever done a liver/ gall bladder flush?

WTF? A liver flush?

Have you ever done a flush like this? its listed on quack watch.

Now I don’t claim to know much. But I do know this:

Ive tried them a few times. And yes you see things in the toilet bowl after the flush. Please note “Experiments have shown that majority of the so called “stones” expelled during the procedure are nothing more then bile precipitated into hard “stones”.  But it happened during the night, inside intestines, so that is why some of those “stones” are as large as a golf ball.” – from cure zone.

I did them as part of my IBS try-things-to-see-if-it-makes-a-difference-regime. I never noticed any overall change to my IBS.

Saying that the last time I did my liver flush it may have made a difference.

I was in a very toxic working environment / situation. It was taking its tool on me physically. I was put on stress leave by my doctor. The stress battered my immune system, digestion and body. My digestions was so bad. I wasn’t having bowel movements/mucous colon, and I was physically feeling so unwell, depressed etc I was lost in a cloud of awfulness.

My doctor performed a series of tests, after a several long months of enduring this situation. My liver tests came back a little problematic. I had some scarring, I was told.

This made me think. I soon resigned and tried another liver flush. I then re-tested and the doctor was surprised that my liver had returned to within normal functioning ranges. “whatever you did worked”. I still have the result sheets somewhere in my files.

Maybe it was the stress being reduced, the flush, both or neither??? I’ll never really know except that I may try it again if I had to. I certainly didn’t suffer from doing the flush.





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