Feeling the burn…. and the pain. An introduction into Body Electronics.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you held a part of your body, with good sustained pressure, with your fingers for a long period of time? Say at least 2 hours?

Well thats pretty much the basis of the work of Dr John Whitman Ray who developed a system of healing called Body Electronics or Pointholding, as it is also known as.

When certain places or points on the body are held with sustained pressure, the person holding the points will often, after a short time, experience one or all of the following sensations: numbness, burning, pain, heat / cold.

The person being held may also experience the same sensations, but the role of of the person being held, is to then use these sensations as a guide to search for similar feelings and sensations from their own past or current experiences. And to re-experience them.

For example, lets say as you being held the point holders begin to feel numb. You, as the holder may also start to feel sleepy. But when the point holders start to feel burning, well thats when the fun begins. The person begin held may begin to feel emotional, tears may form, confusion or even anger or pain. Sometimes nothing may happen.

It is the job of those holding points to give feedback to the person begin held. “The points are burning now, what are you thinking?”, “Scan your body’, “Look for a time when you felt like this before”, and so forth, only asking open ended questions. The idea is to encourage the person begin held, to not be passive and just lie there, but to search within their thoughts and body and make those sensations more intense and real.

At this point the points are used as a barometer of sorts.  As the point holder is scanning his or her body and intensifying the sensations they have, any burning may intensify for the person(s) holding the points. As the intensification increases the pointholdee may then also begin to experience emotion and/ or re-experience memories or see images in his/ her minds eye. This can be a very confronting or intense process. It can often be difficult and not always a simple linear progression.

Pointholders use a scale of emotion with an aim of moving towards the enthuiasm side (joy, peace, understanding, or laughter etc). This scale consists of:

  • Unconsciousness (no awareness / numbness)
  • Apathy (I don’t care)
  • Grief (tears, feeling sorry for yourself, a one sided experience)
  • Fear (the middle of the range)
  • Anger (again a one sided expression)
  • Pain (intense physical or emotional pain)
  • Enthusiasm – Freedom, memory and/or awareness/ peace / laughter / joy etc

The pointholdee is to go right back to the original cause of any trauma / resistance and to re-experience situations such as accidents, emotional abuse, psychological issues etc. The people involved do this lovingly and willingly, enduring as much pain as they can in order to get to the pointholdee to the goal of the Enthusiasm level. The idea is to:

  • Receive
  • Recreate
  • Re-experience, and then
  • Release

Through the use of thoughts, feelings and spoken words this method is particularly useful for discovering decisions and stories that were may have unconsciously made (understandably) about ourselves, others, life or anything else, from the past. Often we are not aware of these.

It is not uncommon then, as the pain and experience intensifies, for an opportunity to work with these resistances to hopefully move your thoughts from entrapment (no choice or free will) and unconsciousness (that we are not aware of), to one of discernment and a new sense of understanding or belief about a situation or issue(s).

For example, a memory starting with a small amount of grief and vague familiarity may intensify into a memory of a time in ones life where one felt depressed for whatever reason, feeling emotions relating to lost and confused accompanied with word patterns such as “I want to die”, or “I am trapped”.

As the memory builds up and the burning increases, the memories and understanding may become clearer and with the use of vocalising and endurement, the person saying the words may then start to see a new side to the story, and may eventually start to say, feel and/or embrace new words or thoughts such as “I want to live now, I am no longer trapped”, or perhaps “I am free” (as an example).

Often at this stage the burning can be extremely intense. New levels of understanding and realisations are very common at this point, including states of emotion such as laughter or joy. Then the points cool down and the poitnholders’ fingers return to normal. Only when the points and fingers are all back to normal do the pointholders let go of the points.

This system also requires a nutritional preparedness and commitment, as well as a lot of patience and time to hold the points for the length of time required. This is certainly not a feel good therapy, and it is not quick or easy.

The physical and emotional sensations can be incredibly painful, confronting and at times seem traumatic. Every session is also different. While one session seems to wrap up or resolve an issue you may go several sessions with no results or slowly work up the scale of emotions over many months or years. In this respect, Body Electronics is something which involves giving and sharing and is not a system which is practitioner orientated. Don’t expect to make any money from doing this. But do expect to have interesting experiences.

There are endocrine points, skeletal points and cranial points which may be held. Each point influences different parts of the body. Many people have claimed to have experienced or witnessed physical and emotional healing and/ or improvement. Some of these claims seem too incredible to believe.

There are some links below for more information if you are interested in reading more:








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