This is all I have right now.

I have been fishing in a different pond most of my life. I have explored so many different things in life to improve my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Depression, and I have had success. So much so  that for a while I had forgotten where I have come. It has been and still lis a lonely and hard path at times. I have fallen down in my life, and gotten up many times. A lot of what I have learnt is garbage. But a lot is also valuable.

My body is not typical and I have copped a lot of flack for this from family, friends, strangers and peers. I have not had a typical life. I imagine that others must  look through me and only see a tall ethinic skinny guy who needs to eat more. He’s also gay. What would he know?

Most people in my life are unaware of what has transpired and what I believe I have experienced, achieved and survived and grown through, in my life. I can dive really deep into the ocean of alternative therapy, esoterics and philosophy. I can go to the deepest depths of thoughts in 2 seconds. However, Im starting to learn how to surface dwell and to perch myself and to take a break. I was driven to survive for a long time.  I never realised how many people were unable to go deep or never even see the water.

My goals in life is to maintain my health, and to ward off pain / discomfort as much as I am able to. To meet genuine good natured people. Enjoy life and live as best as I can. I don’t have huge ambitions anymore and maybe Ive given up (I’m not sure), but I do dream. I feel much more peaceful and happier.

At this point I am keeping my profile anonymous as many of my experiences and beliefs are “way out there”. This may change one day. Im not sure how well I write or how well Ill be received or if anyone finds my experiences interesting but its all I have.


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